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Water Restoration Atlanta - Mold Testing in Suwanee Georgia

Mold -Testing--in-Suwanee-Georgia-mold-testing-suwanee-georgia.jpg-image Water Restoration Atlanta offers professional Suwanee Georgia mold testing services. Mold Testing is the process of collecting samples from your home or business and having them analyzed in a laboratory. The Mold Testing process consists of four main steps.

The first step is to find the locations of moisture intrusion. Moisture intrusion can be hidden, difficult and time consuming to find, but is vital to locating the source of the problem.

The second step is to collect mold samples. All of our Suwanee Georgia technicians are trained and certified in sample collection to ensure that we collect the best possible samples.

The third step is to submit the samples for analysis. The samples are sent to a certified laboratory that specializes in the analysis of water damaged properties and the detection of mold. The lab will report if mold growth exists and will also identify the species of mold present. The lab report will also document the extent of any moisture intrusion so that other areas of concern can be inspected as needed.

The fourth step is to report results after analysis. Water Restoration Atlanta will provide a summary with full written reports available upon request. This entire process is completed with transparency providing our Suwanee Georgia clients with detailed information about their property and better direction for its restoration.

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